Building a website that converts visitors into customers

I've been with Bananatag, a Vancouver/Kelowna-based company making the world's best software for internal communications, since September 2020.

Having a new workflow integrated and aligned with SCRUM, I built over 30 brand new pages, including highly converting landing pages, optimized forms, improved speed, simplified user flow.

With my passion for UX, I've started building a Figma library of wireframes and UI components.


  • UX: market research, personas, wireframing, mockups & prototyping
  • UI: illusration, video editing, SVG, image optimization
  • Development: WordPress custom theme development, server improvments
  • Data analysis: analytics, heatmaps
  • Hubspot: landing pages, contact forms, templates development


VS Code




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

My Accomplishments

I owned and evolved the marketing website and landing pages making data-driven design decisions, using the latest web practices, SEO, user- centered design pricinples.

Creating new webpages

I've created over a dozen of new pages working closely with graphic designers, content writers, product marekting, and other colleagues.

Gated pages for lead generation

One of the projects that I'd like to share with you today is a gated page that has a pop up window that blocks the webpage and prompts users to leave their email address before moving forward.

Wondering how you can create a gated page for your website?

Check out my article on how to create gated pages easily. >