Marpole Oakridge Family Place

Helping local community reach out its people

My story of working with MOFP (Marpole Oakridge Family Place) started in March, 2019 when I came there as a parent. I found myself in a place filled with dedicated people who had devoted their time and talents to support well-being of parents, their children and elderly memembers of South Vancouver.

"Alex became a definite asset to our team. He brings an initiative, professional and caring presence to the workplace."

Tracy Beshara, ED of MOFP


  • Development: PHP, Wordpress
  • Digital UI: photo editing, email marketing
  • UI for print: flyer, poster
  • Other: photography



Google Analytics


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Facebook Developers




Fujifilm X100

My Accomplishments

Complete redesign of the website experience

My contribution to MOFP website development includes a responsive design, a consistent unified branding identity, payment hub, online registration form, Mailchimp template and its integration with the website.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the staff of MOFP to collect updated information for the pages of the website. Together, we edited more than 10 pages and sorted out photos.

Online booking system

Advanced online booking system and management plugin became an essential feature of the website during the reopening of MOFP after the pandemic when the capacity of the centre had become very limited.

I created a new page allowing people to learn about the new safety guidelines and book a spot for their visit. I trained the staff to manage the bookings.

Faceebook feed on the homepage

I've used Facebook Developer tools to broadcast MOFP's feed on the site homepage.

This allowed to show the content posted on the social media platform to website visitors even if they are non-Facebook users.

'Alex brings an initiative, professional and caring presence to the workplace. Because of his contribution, a new website of MOFP obtained new modern, mobile-friendly design, new functionality such as online registration system and online payments. Alex became a definite asset to our team.'

Tracy Beshara
Executive Director @ Marpole Oakridge Family Place

Faster performance and accessibility

While working on a new or existing website, I'm using a wide range of techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility and performance optimization in order to ensure compliance with modern web standards.

To measure the results I'm using Google Lighthouse. You can estimate your own website's performance by visiting Google website >

This is real data collected from a live website of this particular project.

Graphic Design

Printed promotional materials play an important role in reaching out to the audience of MOFP. I collaborated with a local print company to achieve the best integrity between digital assets and final output. I’ve had a great taste of how everything is working at the end of the publishing industry.


I was fortunate to take advantage of my photography skills and I used my Fujifilm X100 to take a few awesome shots of amazing parents and their families.