Arbutus Kids World

A team of talented, loving, passionate and dedicated teachers deserve an awesome website

Finding a spot at a child care centre in British Columbia may be a real challenge. Good web design and smooth user experience can at least heal some of the pain.

Arbutus Kids World in Japanese

For Arbutus Kids World, I created a new website from scratch, took and edited photos, wrote most of the copy. In addition to the English version, I initiated and launched the pages translated into Mandarin and Japanese to help new families connect with the organization.


  • UX: research, wireframes, mockups
  • Digital UI: photo editing, logo design
  • Development: HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • UI for print: flyer, poster
  • Other: photography, copyrighting




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Fujifilm X100

My Accomplishments

Logo evolution

At first, the client was eager to explore and ready to try new branding so I offered a couple of concepts of new logo design.

After talking to the team of Arbutus Kids World, we together could not say goodbye to an old logo that the locals had known very well. It was decided to keep the same playful logo but my goal was to give a soft fresh touch.

Web design

A light and fast, fully responsive website with a unique layout polished for this specific user flow.

Fast performance and accessibility

While working on a new or existing website, I'm using a wide range of techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility and performance optimization in order to ensure compliance with modern web standards.

To measure the results I'm using Google Lighthouse. You can estimate your own website's performance by visiting Google website >

This is real data collected from a live website of this particular project.

Poster design

I helped Arbutus Kids World partner with the local banks, libraries, community centres to improve their presence and reach more local families. These are some of the assets crafted according to specific requirements of each location.